Summer Beard Tips and Myths

The Summer Beard Myth

For some reason, most bearded gents revert to their former clean-shaven selves during summer. You’re planning to transition from indie film Matthew McConaughey to Lincoln commercial Matthew McConaughey. The mention of sunbathing with a face full of hair makes you sweat just thinking about it. But what if this whole summer beard myth could be debunked? This summer, it might be the best of all beard tips if you bury your razor on the beach and embrace unbridled growth.

It’s cooler than you think

Your primary motivation for shaving off your beard? Staying cool in the heat. But holding onto your facial hair could actually keep you cooler. Your beard keeps moisture and sweat trapped close to your face. When a cool breeze passes, it chills your skin. Without a beard, you’d just sweat.

The only downside of this is cleanliness. In the moment, the cooling sensation provided by your sweat feels great. But if you don’t keep your skin and beard clean, you could suffer from irritation and itchiness. If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, at the pool, deep clean your beard at least once a week with a peppermint & tea tree beard shampoo. It’s guaranteed to remove all the dirt from the beach and It’ll leave you smelling fresh.

And, if some reason you still feel a little too warm, take a few extra steps to cool down. Use a cooling beard oil (preferably something with minty ingredients) or keep a spray bottle of water close by.

It’s your natural SPF

When you get trapped in that inevitable summer thunderstorm, your beard protects your skin from wind and rain. But it doesn’t just offer protection from inclement weather. It’s your face’s natural SPF whenever you’re exposed to UV rays.

A 2011 Oxford Academic study proved beards provide far more sun protection that the other parts of your body.

“The facial hair reduced the exposure ratio (ERs) to approximately one-third of those sites with no hair,” the study reads. So, your beard is a surefire way to fight off all the effects of time in the sun—premature aging, skin cancer risk, sunburn. Why would anyone want to shave it off?

Clean-shaven isn’t always better

Summer often signals a change in your aesthetic. You switch from sneakers to boat shoes, from dark neutrals to pastels, from long sleeves to short. And a lot of guys think a clean-shaven face is the freshest way to approach summer grooming. Apparently, a smooth face looks fresher, and summer beards can be a pain to care for. However, these reasons are faulty. With the right beard tips, your beard can be a great accessory to your summer style with a little TLC.

If you’ve let it get a little too shaggy or unkempt during winter, just break out the clippers for a quick trim. You don’t need to shave it off completely to freshen things up. Remove any parts that are too bushy, and clean up your neck and jawlines. Going after these three things can work wonders—think of this as a beard makeover.

Additionally, your beard care routine should remain intact all season. This means beard oil application in the morning. Make it a peppermint beard oil to take advantage of the cooling effects. You’ll find, as you sweat more throughout the day, that itchiness can rear its ugly head. Beard oil is your saving grace until you can wash up.

And, speaking of washing your face, make sure you’re using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer twice daily. With all the exposure to the elements, skin care is crucial for great summer skin and a healthy beard.

This summer, don’t join the legions of dudes who opt to through away their beards for a “fresh summer look”. Make the necessary adjustments, follow these beard tips, and hold onto your hard work.

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