The Gents Guide: 3 Essential Summer Styles To Help You Beat The Heat

Summer styles for men can be a bit of a challenge to most fashionable gentlemen. Winter is full of endless possibility. You have a wide variety of fabrications and layers to work with. As temperatures increase, however, your number one objective becomes staying cool. You start to wear less, and it can feel like there just aren’t a lot of options. Tees, tanks, and shorts often become part of every man’s summer uniform. Those garments are definitely okay. However, it’s important to know about all of your summer wardrobe options and the right ways to perfect each style move.

Going Sleeveless Like A Pro

Fashion Tips For Men Summer ShirtsYou were probably really excited about breaking out your favorite tanks until you saw that GQ article about Justin Theroux. In late June, there was a piece about Theroux and how he was redefining how men should go sleeveless during the summer. Instead of a tank top, he wore an old t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. Paired with skinny black jeans, his sleeveless shirt evoked punk rock veteran and all-around badass. Shortly after, you shoved your tanks back into your drawer.

This summer, you can definitely still wear tank tops. Try the type with medium width tank straps. Avoid the stringer bodybuilder variety by all means.

But if you want to pull off summer’s biggest trend, go for the sleeveless shirt instead. Don’t worry if you aren’t crafty enough to slice the sleeves off your old t-shirts. There are plenty of brands that sell them. Just make sure you buy a tee that’s cut slim. It’s an athletic look that’s meant to flatter your physique. A standard or regular fit will literally just look like an old t-shirt.

The Right Way To Wear Shorts

Summer Shorts For MenWearing shorts may seem like a fairly easy thing to do, but there are serious ways to foul. If you see a pair of shorts in your closet that have pleats, do yourself a favor and get rid of them now. You’re likely to find pleated shorts in a bargain bin at your local department store. They’re there for a reason. Flat front shorts are the only standard.

Fit is everything. Back in the late 90s and early aughts, cargo shorts and baggy board shorts were widely popular. And depending on where you live, you might still see local guys running with this style. However, men’s shorts have taken on a more European influence in the last few summers. Your shorts should be cut slim. They should also hit above the knee. Try a pair of shorts with a 7” inseam for best results. If you’re a sartorial daredevil, a 5” short will hit mid-thigh.

Some Summer Styles For Men’s Suits

Business man beard oil summer suit for men Odds are, you’ll probably attend at least one wedding or outdoor party before the season is over. As much as you love wearing shorts, you’ll have to don a suit for these special occasions. While it may sound like torture to wear a suit outdoors when it’s 90 degrees, there are some incredible, breathable options on the market.

The linen suit is your best bet. Linen is lightweight and durable. When it comes to beating the heat in the most dapper way possible, linen should be your top choice. Linen suits offer the same brand of sophistication as your work suits, but they’re a bit more playful. For more formal linen suit looks, opt for darker colors like navy. The only downside is that they wrinkle easily. If you plan on sitting for a long time, it’s something to be mindful of.

If the wrinkles are too much for you, a cotton suit is also another lightweight winner. The best thing about cotton suits is that they work just as effortlessly at work as they do at special events. The darker the color, the more formal the look. Like linen, cotton is breathable. Depending on typical summer weather in your area, you can choose between 100% cotton options and cotton/wool blends.

Summer style is more about fit, fabrication, and color. Just because the layers have come off doesn’t mean your style has to fade away. With just a few simple moves, you can stay ahead of the pack and keep cool.