The Three Best On The Go Workout Options

For most modern gents, a solid fitness routine is part of every week if not every day. But let’s face it, sometimes a trip to the gym just isn’t possible. Whether it’s a meeting that runs late or a last minute work disaster that requires your attention, sometimes you can’t make it. When you’re on vacation, it can be tough to scratch the workout itch thanks to less-than-stellar hotel gyms. However, there’s good news here. You can stay fit and really challenge your body without any weights or equipment. When push comes to shove, all you need is a pair of sneakers and the floor with these on-the-go workout tips.

Maintenance Is The Goal

When you’re unable to make it to the gym but you still want to work out, it’s important to know that you can. It’s also important to know that muscle building won’t be your primary focus. The focus of your workout is maintaining strength. You basically just want to make sure you don’t disintegrate into a puddle of goo the first time you get back to the weights. In order to do that, you need to focus on core strength, endurance, and balance.

HIIT Is The Ultimate Cardio Answer

HIIT workout tipsHigh Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT, gives you a killer, calorie-burning workout in a short amount of time. HIIT routines are defined by creating a circuit of bodyweight exercises. It’s recommended to choose 4-5. You perform 10-20 repetitions of each exercise back to back to finish one round. Then, you repeat the circuit for as long as you desire. It’s an intense workout that’ll leave you sweaty and exhausted. So 20-30 minutes is probably all you’ll need.

For example, let’s say you pick Burpees, Standing Squats, Pushups, and Lunges as your four key HIIT exercises. You’ll perform one set of each of these guys back to back from burpees all the way through to lunges. You’ll rest for 1-2 minutes. Then you’ll hit it again. If your intensity is as strong as it needs to be, four rounds will be more than enough.

If you’re opting for a HIIT routine, try to use it sparingly. This isn’t a regimen that you want to take part in daily as it’s tough on your body. But 1-2 times a week will yield tremendous results and get you in fighting shape in no time.

Hold Onto Your Strength With Resistance Bands

Resistance band training workout tipsResistance bands are truly amazing. They’re lightweight and easy to store or pack. You can do a multitude of exercises with them. You can use them to train just about every part of your body. And as an added bonus, you’ll be working your stabilizer and support muscles too. Try a simple routine of a few exercises like the Overhead Press, Squats, Chest Flies, and Bicep Curls.

Get Moving No Matter What

If HIIT is too intense and you’re not really into resistance bands, then find a way to get moving. Any type of physical activity is great if you’re not able to hit the gym. If you stayed late at work, take your dog for a walk or go for a bike ride through the neighborhood. It may not be the calorie-busting alternative you’re craving, but you’re still getting some cardiovascular benefits by getting up and out.

For active guys on vacation, take advantage of what the outdoors has to offer. Go surfing, kayaking, or hiking. The best part about these activities is that you’ll be able to explore the local culture, and you won’t have to go it alone. Your family can come, too.

The important thing to understand is that no matter how late it is or where you are, there’s always an option for a good sweat. Whether it’s with your own equipment, no equipment, or just plain old Mother Nature, your next workout is always possible. You just have to start.