Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentines Day gifts for him are difficult to figure out. It’s a delicate holiday that falls close in proximity to Christmas. You don’t want to be too sappy and send him running for the hills. But you still want your gift to seem thoughtful and useful. If you find yourself struggling with ideas for Valentines Day gifts for him, focus on his skin and beard. Men need skin care products and beard gifts, but they may not be knowledgeable enough to buy them on their own. Think of Valentine’s Day as a chance to help him out as we give you 20% all orders when using the promo code #ForGents.

Black Friday Deals Men's Skin Care Beard Oil Products Soaps for MenSkin Care Gift Sets For Men

If your guy is lagging in the skincare department, gift him with our Skin Care Black Box. It’s a comprehensive, high-performance skin care gift set packed to the brim with essentials. It’s an entire routine assembled and curated for the modern man.

The box includes our Preface Facial Cleanser for men and Reset Microdermabrasion Cream. The former is a daily cleansing solution while the latter can be used twice a week for a deeper clean. The two can even be mixed together if he finds that Reset is too powerful.

Knockout Dark Eye Serum for men is also included in the box. It’s the perfect solution for dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Lastly, the O/Zero Oil-Free Moisturizer for men helps moisturize the skin and promote elasticity without leaving his face greasy. From start to finish, the Skin Care Black Box is one of the best skin care gift sets on the market.

Beard Gifts Valentines day gifts for himBeard Gift Sets

For those guys who are into beards, The Bearded Black Box takes the same comprehensive approach to beard care. Most men with beards know how to let them grow, but they’re clueless when it comes to long-term care. The Bearded Black Box, one of the most essential beard gift sets around, gives him everything he needs to maintain an incredible beard and pin down a successful daily routine.

Like the Skin Care Black Box, the Preface Facial Cleanser is included here. Removing dirt and grease from his face and beard is essential to keeping his beard hair clean. The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Shampoo & Shave Soap Bar gives him a cooling lather for both in-depth shaving and more detailed shaping up.

Our Double-Deal Post-Shave Moisturizer is a great follow up product to stop irritation and razor burn. The Alchemist Peppermint & Tea Tree Beard Oil rounds out the selection and helps to moisturize and condition while relieving pesky beard problems like itchy beard, beard dandruff and tangled hair. From cleansing to moisturizing, The Bearded Black Box has him covered.

Women Like BeardsOther Bearded Valentines Day Gifts For Him

If pre-assembled gift sets aren’t your thing, we offer a multitude of beard oil products and soaps that you can pull together for your own specialized set. In The Bearded Black Box, we used The Alchemist scent for both the beard oil and shave/shampoo bar. The scent is rooted in the cooling combination of tea tree and peppermint and offers a soothing and refreshing quality. And you can now get them as a beard gift set with a free comb!

This year, instead of chocolates or socks, give him something he can put to good use. Skin care gift sets, beard gift sets and beard gifts in general are Valentines Day gifts for him that will win your partner over and keep him looking good the rest of the year.

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