vitaminc c anti wrinkle cream for men

C-Strand Citrus Anti-Wrinkle Stem Cell Cream: Vitamin C Cream Is Your Best Defense Against Aging

All too often, the commercial breaks between our favorite TV shows are crowded with female-focused anti-aging advertisements. Men are often encouraged to wear the signs of old age as a badge of honor. Well, preserving youth isn’t just of interest to women. Skincare products for men are just as essential. Vitamin C cream, in particular, is one of our best defenses against the effects of aging.

Why use a Vitamin C Cream?

So how exactly does Vitamin C benefit our skin, and why is it an important ingredient in anti aging skincare for men? For starters, we need to regularly replenish our bodies and skin with Vitamin C because it’s water-soluble. This means it gets flushed out easily and needs to be replaced often. You may have seen tons of Vitamin C oral supplements in your local drugstore or grocery store, but using a Vitamin C cream as a topical treatment is 20 times more effective as an anti-aging agent. The vitamin’s water solubility prevents much of what you ingest from actually benefiting your body.


In addition to flushing all the Vitamin C out of our systems daily, sun exposure and pollution can cause damage to our skin. When the damage occurs, free radicals are created, and they eat away at the collagen in our skin. This gives way to the biggest physical determinant of age: wrinkles. Additionally, age spots can start to appear.

The Science of C-Strand

C-Strand Vitamin C CreamVitamin C cream like our C-Strand Citrus Stem Anti-Wrinkle Cream Cell Cream utilizes the ascorbic acid to its full capability. By harnessing orange plant stem cells, the cream revitalizes your skin’s stem cells and fuels collagen production. This cream helps protect your skin against free radicals. Additionally, you get the added benefits of an improved complexion, elasticity, and texture. After beginning regular use, your skin will be tighter and firmer.


Another great thing about Vitamin C cream is its unintended benefits. If you suffer from any inflammatory skin problems, they’ll be noticeably improved after commencing use of this product. Vitamin C also improves the body’s absorption of iron, glucosamine, and the other nutrients necessary for a healthy head of hair.


If you’re planning on spending some quality time on the beach this summer, Vitamin C cream serves as the perfect companion for your sunscreen. It helps improve its effectiveness in the fight against UVA and UVB rays.


As excited as you are to dive into Vitamin C-enriched skincare for men, It’s important to remember that there are a few guidelines. Don’t use your Vitamin C cream like body lotion. This is a cream that’s to be applied to affected areas only and should be applied sparingly. The high concentration of Vitamin C ensures that a tiny amount does a big job. It’s also important to drink plenty of water to increase the absorption and bioavailability of the Vitamin C.


As mentioned above, the C-Strand Citrus Stem Cell Cream is the perfect ally in the fight against aging. For men who are concerned about maintaining healthy-looking skin but feel the market is oversaturated with products targeting women, Gentleman’s Foundry has you covered.