what does beard oil do?

What Does Beard Oil Do?

We were a little shocked to find that one of the leading facial hair-related Google search terms of the last 90 days was “what does beard oil do?” Not going to lie – it’s kind of weird to be answering this question in 2019. You tend to imagine it’s just something people know. Especially when you consider that the beard “trend” has proven to be closer to a tried a true culture. This does, however, show that interest and indoctrination into the wonderful world of beards are still high!

Beard Oil – It’s Essentially A Moisturizer & Conditioner

As you can imagine, the area of your face hidden beneath a forest of facial hair can get pretty dry. Your skin can lose moisture over a number of different factors on a daily basis. Now add to those a ton of hair that wicks the moisture away even further. Beard oil prevents the underlying skin from drying, it acts as a moisturizer.

Now think of your partner, do you really think they enjoy going in for the kiss and getting stung with dry, razor-sharp hairs protruding from around your lips? Beard oil keeps your hair soft and tame, helping you style and manage your facial hair.

Preventing The Most Annoying Beard Problems

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know the full slate of beard problems that we’ve covered ad nauseam.  The dreaded and oft-embarrassing beard dandruff, dry beard, itching, irritation, wiry & unmanageable hair, etc. Beard Oil helps to nip these in the bud before they become too problematic.

So What Does Beard Oil Do?

Basically, it does everything you need when you’re transitioning to the hirsute life. Most of the issues and complications that present themselves when growing facial hair can be treated or prevented with use. Think of it as your best friend and ultimate tool. That’s what beard oil does.

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