When To apply beard oil

When To Apply Beard Oil?

One frequent question bearded men seem to have is “when is the best time to apply beard oil?” Truth be told, it’s a matter of preference but some parts of your day yield more effective results than others.

Apply Beard Oil in The Morning

A key time in your day to apply beard oil is during your morning routine. To get into the nuts and bolts of this strategy, let’s take a look at why you should be reaching your bottle as you start the day.

First thing’s first, your beard loses the majority of its moisture overnight due to all contact with your pillow. In addition to morning being the peak of daily facial hair dryness, you’ll also be dealing with “beard bedhead“. A couple of drops in the morning coupled with a quick passing of a comb should help deal with both issues. This ensures a shiny, moisturized beard throughout the day as well as keeping it neat and detangled for a healthy look.

The Second Round

For the absolute best results, we advise a second application of beard oil during the day. This is where preference comes in – your two best options are after a shower and before bed.

Every man’s routine is different, but one fact remains – you should always use beard oil after a shower. So if you take a second shower after work, this is the time for that second coat of oil in your facial hair. For best results, pair with your favorite beard shampoo.

If the morning is the only time you shower,  your best option comes at night. As mentioned above, your beard loses the majority of its moisture overnight, so a bit of oil in your mane before bed could help to ward off a dry, wiry beard in the morning.

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