Why Do I Have Dark Circles

Why Do I Have Dark Circles When I’m Getting Enough Sleep?

When you stumble into the office with dark circles under your eyes, it’s clear you haven’t had enough sleep. Whether it was tossing back one too many pale ales or a marathon Netflix session, those undereye circles tell the world you missed out on some much-needed shuteye. But what if you’re getting a solid 8 hours a night and still have them? Fatigue isn’t the only cause of dark circles. There are several factors affecting the skin under your eyes. You can control some of these irritants while others are out of your hands. But regardless, there’s action you can take to make them go away.

Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are waiting at every turn. It could be the pollen falling from the trees in your neighborhood or the dust mites gathering on your pillow at night. When you encounter an allergen, your body releases histamines. Histamines dilate your blood vessels. Since the skin underneath your eyes is thinner, there’s less fat available to cover up those dilated blood vessels. The result? Dark circles. Rubbing your eyes can make them even worse.

If you suffer from eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis) or contact dermatitis, the skin irritation caused by these conditions can also lead to undereye circles. It’s important to consult a dermatologist and identify ways to keep these issues under control.


Even the strongest immune system can’t protect you against your heredity. Dark circles tend to run in the family. They don’t look any different than other dark circles. There’s just nothing you can do to stop them. Your only course of action is to improve them or cover them up. It’s likely your issue is vascular, so applying a cold compress in the morning or sleeping on a slightly elevated pillow could help.

Sun Exposure

Many sources warn against prolonged sun exposure because it advances the signs of aging and puts you at risk for skin cancer. But one effect that’s not often discussed is dark circles.   When your skin experiences sun damage, it steps up melanin production as a means of protection. You might love your tan, but that melanin shows up in unflattering ways under your eyes as well.

Thinning Skin

You don’t need to spend your days on the beach to feel the effects of aging. As you get older, you start to lose the natural fat and collagen that keeps the skin under eyes plump and youthful. The skin starts thinning out, leaving your eyes darker and your blood vessels exposed. The effects are quite similar to those of skin allergies.

Fix Dark Circles with Eye Serum

You don’t have to settle for dark circles. Whether they’re reoccurring or a one-time inconvenience, you can get rid of them. What you need is a dark eye serum that includes at least one type of peptide. A powerful eye serum stimulates blood circulation away from your eyes, dramatically reducing dark circles and any puffiness. Our Knockout Dark Circles Serum for Men is packed with hyaluronic acid, which the skin absorbs quickly. Hyaluronic acid helps your undereye skin retain its moisture and elasticity. The added Chondrus Crispus Extract helps lock in that moisture. This eye serum not only reduces the appearance of your dark circles but it also creates ideal conditions to prevent them in the future.

Despite what most people believe, a sleepless night isn’t the only cause of dark circles. From your gene pool to your immune system, those circles could be an indication of health problems. The great news is you can do something about it. With your eye serum in tow, you can look as well rested as you feel.

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