How To Stop Beard Itch

“Why Does My Beard Itch and How Can I Stop It?”

Itchy beard is an unsuspecting irritant. In the first week or two, growing your beard is carefree. You might need to get accustomed to your new look, but the hair itself isn’t really an issue. After the two-week mark, you start to notice an unrelenting itch that scratching can’t relieve. How in the world do you stop itching on your face? And better yet, how do you ensure beard itch never happens again? Well, first, you need to understand why it happens in the first place.

The Causes of Itchy Beard

There are three main causes of itchy beard. The first is caused by new follicle growth. For those of you in the middle of Movember, you started out with a clean-shaven face. A lot of razors are designed to cut the hair from beneath the skin. As your new hair grows in, it can cause serrations as it digs into your skin. So at one point, you probably felt an itching frenzy all over your face. This was actually the sensation of dozens of tiny tears in your skin as your hair broke through.

Another cause is your dead skin cells. As your follicles grow, your dead skin cells cling to the hair and rub against your skin.

The last cause is plain and simple: dry skin. Your sebaceous glands are only designed to moisturize your face, not all this new hair growth. Without the aid of beard oil products, you’re in for some serious problems.

Beard Oil For Men To Cure Beard itch

Moisturizing is the Answer To Curing Beard Itch

So how do you stop itchy beard? It’s actually quite simple to cure. You have to moisturize. Itching is your sebaceous glands’ way of telling you that they need help. The Composer Eucalyptus Beard Oil uses touches of lavender, lemon, sweet almond and Argan oil to condition and moisturize your beard. It digs deep to keep both your beard and skin underneath moisturized. Our effective blend even helps prevent further itching.

Deep Cleaning Helps, Too

Aside from beard oil products and moisturizing, you need to do some work in the cleaning department. The only way to get rid of dead skin cells is to wash them off. Cleansing twice daily with a face wash is one way to do this, but you’ll need a deeper clean a couple times a week. Beard shampoo soap helps you work up a rich lather and achieve a deep clean. It works out the dead skin cells as well as any other dirt lurking in your beard. And even better, this thorough cleansing happens without stripping your beard of its natural oils.

A lot of soaps out there aren’t specially formulated for your beard and can damage your beard hair, leaving it dry and brittle. The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Shampoo Soap ensures that your beard is clean and that you prevent the issues that caused your itchy beard in the first place.

 Beard Combs Help Stop Beard Itch

Extra Care Tips To Stop Beard Itching

If you’re planning to hold on to your beard after No Shave November, you’ll still need to trim things to keep your beard in order. If you don’t observe the aforementioned steps, you could find yourself with isolated itchy beard in certain spots. To reduce the reoccurrence of itchiness, try using an electric razor for trimming instead of a manual one. And use a beard brush or comb to make sure you evenly distribute the beard oil throughout your entire beard. Brushing or combing will also serve as a strong double-check to make sure you got all the unnatural bits out.

Beard itch is one of those sensations that goes far beyond unpleasant. In fact, you’ll probably scratch vigorously the first time you experience it. But with the right set of beard oil products in tow, you can make that the last time.