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Why Beards & Tattoos Are Connected in Popular Culture

Beards make an average man look better than ever, it’s the little nudge that makes man standout in a room. When you add tattoos into the mix and you’re dealing with the unbeatable combo of impressive facial hair and unique tattoo art. Ink can very strongly compliment a man with a stout beard. Why is that? What is it about beards and tattoos that seems to go hand-in-hand?

Beards and Tattoos Are A Primal Show of Dominance

In a study that was published in Evolution and Human Behavior, researchers from the University of Western Australia analyzed many kinds of species, 154 exactly, and observed how they used “badges” and “physical ornaments.” It was found that male primates, from larger animal societies, regularly used these symbols to signal to female primates about their dominance, attractiveness, rank, and much more.

Researchers believe that the results of this study imply to humans as well. As a result, beards and tattoos are a type of badge that humans use. If men have an eye-catching facial hair configuration and a stunning tattoo, they are more likely to attract a woman’s attention.  This formidable combination ostensibly makes their chances are much higher. These “badges” usually help you to stick out among a “normie” crowd. This is why you are more likely to get a woman’s attention than your average man.

Now, you may be wondering, is it worth getting tattoos to compliment your facial hair or not? Firstly – the important question – are you willing to put something on your body permanently? Do you want the tattoo for yourself or to just grab the attention of women or is it something you really want that will compliment your aesthetic or have personal meaning? Rather, before getting a tattoo, you need to be 100% sure that you want it for you, and you alone. A woman’s attention is just a bonus.

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