Workplace Skin Care Tips For Men

Skin Care in the Workplace

Whether you’re a young startup CEO or a longtime fixture in corporate America, you probably spend most of your day in front of screens. Your computer screen,  tablet screen, cellphone screen. The benefit of working with all these screens is that you’re in the know. You’re connected and up-to-date on all office matters. But there’s a big side effect you might not be aware of. All your screens could be damaging your skin. You might have your game plan for the next big meeting, but now it’s time to plan your workplace skin care.

UV rays in your phone?

Not exactly. But too much screen time could have the same effect as unprotected sun worship. Your phone emits HEV rays. These are high-energy visible light rays—the blue light your devices give off. Constant exposure to this light could possibly speed up the aging process. That means wrinkles, dark spots, and a reduction in collagen production. What do you do? Protect your skin like you’re spending the day at the beach. Invest in a sunscreen or a Vitamin C cream for men to restore and repair the damage done. You need ray blockers so you can answer those emails without sacrificing your youth.

Devices can cause saggy neck skin?

If we’re being technical, yes. You spend a lot of time looking down at your phone and your iPad. This constant action of looking down causes your throat and jaw skin to start sagging. More gravitational pull, less elasticity of your neck skin. This condition even has a nasty nickname—tech neck. Odds are, you won’t stop looking down all the time. So, you need to follow skin care tips that keep your skin firm. Your best bet? Vitamin C cream for men. It not only moisturizes but stimulates collagen production. Collagen will keep your skin firm, and you’ll be able to look down as much as you please without worry.

Late nights lead to dark circles?

Though our devices make tasks more efficient, they also blur the lines between work and your personal life. Hence the reason you’re up until 1 a.m. answering emails or proofing PowerPoint presentations. You might get a lot done (and do it a lot faster than you used to), but the lack of sleep takes a toll on your face. If you have dark circles under your eyes, everyone at the office will know you took your work home. Fight them off with a dark circles eye serum—the ultimate quick fix for the irritation and a key tool in your workplace skin care arsenal. And start using an eye cream for men on a daily basis to beef up collagen production in this area.

Phone contact causes bacteria?

Think about it. Your face gets sweaty and dirty all day long. Every time you take a call, you rub your cell’s surface against this dirt. Not to mention, the dust collecting on your phone goes right on your face. And you probably don’t clean your phone as often as you should—if at all. Placing this dirty phone on your skin multiple times a day can lead to acne or even contact dermatitis. Keep your mug clean with a gentle daily face wash.

Squinting causes wrinkles?

Yes, yes, and yes. Think of all the times you’ve struggled through a message on your computer screen because the font was too small. All that squinting leads you to rub your eyes more often, damaging the already sensitive skin around your eyes. You can enlarge the documents you’re reading. Or you can invest in a great anti wrinkle serum for men to fight any permanent squint lines.

You may not think of the workplace as a battleground for your skin. But with all the technology that comes into your hands on a normal day, you can’t take chances.

Stay on top of your workplace skin care.

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