Learning to Comb your beard

How to Cure Beard Dandruff And Dryness

For many guys, growing a beard seems like an easy alternative to the daily grind of shaving and its extensive morning routine. Growing a beard is most certainly not a low maintenance affair, however, there are some important daily care steps and products needed to make sure your beard stays healthy. Beard oil for men is the perfect way to avoid common issues that can arise from improper care. Beard oil products are the ideal cure for beard dandruff and can soothe dry beard. They can also take care of other beard complications like itchy beard or dry skin. If you want to ensure optimum growth and an irritation-free experience, beard oil for men is a must-have.

How Do Beard Oil Products Work?

Gentleman's Foundry Beard OilBeard oil products work quickly and efficiently with a host of common beard issues. These products keep the skin beneath your beard moisturized. The moisture helps maintain healthy and young skin while also reducing the common itching associated with beard growth. Beard oil also conditions your beard, helps to repair damaged hair, and helps prevent beard dandruff. It even helps untangle knots. Products like The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil have the added benefit of providing a cool sensation and calming scent. The Composer Eucalyptus Beard Oil aids in unclogging your pores, and The Artisan Bergamot & Cedar Beard Oil serves to condition, moisturize, shine, and soften. Based on both your beard moisturizer needs and your functional preferences, we have a wide range of beard oil to suit your tastes.

How Do I Apply Beard Oil Products?

Beard Oil: The Cure For Beard DandruffApplying beard oil is as simple as growing your beard. You only need a dime-sized amount. Just squeeze this amount in your palm and warm it up by rubbing it into your fingers. Gently massage the oil onto your skin and throughout the full length of your beard. While a dime-sized amount is recommended, you may need to experiment just a little to determine which amount is best for your beard length.

For extra effect, be sure to brush or comb your beard to maximize fullness. It’s best to apply the beard oil at the start of your morning. This keeps your beard looking fresh and moisturized throughout the day. Though you may occasionally feel the need to reapply for a night out on the town, a morning application should be enough to get you through whatever your day has in store.

What Other Beard Care Steps Should I Follow?

Like the hair on your head, taking care of your beard does involve some periodic extended maintenance. For a fully formed beard, it’s best to wash every other day. You should apply your beard wash very generously. During application, be sure to dig deep with your fingertips. This ensures you’re removing any dirt and grime that’s trapped there. It also ensures you’re cleaning the skin beneath your beard and not just the hair. If your beard is newer or less developed, you can scrub more aggressively to help stimulate new hair growth.

It’s important to rinse thoroughly to remove all residue during the rinse portion. Be sure to use warm water when rinsing. Hot water strips both your hair and skin of their natural moisture, and most importantly, it can also lead to irritation. Be sure to fully dry your beard before applying your beard oil.

For a more refreshing beard wash experience, try a lightly scented wash like The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Shampoo & Shave Soap. This shampoo soap bar helps work up a rich lather, softens the hair, and fully moisturizes the skin.

Growing a beard is definitely as much of an involved process as staying clean-shaven can be. That being said, regular washing, conditioning, and moisturizing are key to preventing beard dandruff, maintaining a healthy beard that continues to grow at a steady pace and has a luminous shine. The best beard oil can help you achieve this with just a few minutes of simple activity each morning.