The Busy Professional’s Beard Oil Products

At one point in time, it was unheard of for professional men to stroll into the office with even a follicle of hair on their chins, much less a full mane they’ve groomed and styled with beard oil products. In the last few years, however, the beard has gone from an unkempt disgrace to a widespread phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down.

“Peak Beard” Culture

‘Peak Beard’, as dubbed by The Guardian, struck twice-once in 2013 and again in 2014. Prior to this period of widely popular facial hair styling, the Seventies and Eighties were the last time western culture saw the beard on so many men. Beards were often associated with those who had unsavory reputations or with men who didn’t take their personal appearance seriously. But that has most certainly changed.

According to numerous pop culture sources, the resurgence of the beard started around 2005. During the dotcom boom and pre-9/11, the professional image was one that was sleek, clean, and refined. But after the dotcom bust, the general public became reflective and nostalgic for simpler times.

Aside from social implications, the beard took on other new meanings. 2014 saw the coining of the term ‘lumbersexual’, used to describe the aesthetic of all the modern men who were joining their peers with a little extra facial hair. And Movember Foundation, a global charity founded in 2003 to raise money for men’s health, challenged all men to skip shaving for the month of November in an effort to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Predicting the end of ‘Peak Beard’ has become a favorite pastime of journalists from a wide range of publications including The Telegraph and The Guardian. But thus far, all predictions of the end of this trend have been inaccurate.

The Rise of Beard Oil Products

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Beard
Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds sporting a beard.

Beard culture is everywhere you look; beard oil products are everywhere you look. They’re on A-list Hollywood stars as they walk the red carpet at The Oscars. You’re scrolling past them in your Instagram feed because of the wildly popular beard-themed accounts. You’re seeing them on almost every man whether he’s considered a hipster or not. You’re even seeing them on high-profile business executives, TV personalities, and White House representatives alike.

Beards are not passé. And they are not just a trend. If you’re currently sporting a fully-developed beard, don’t fret because they’ll continue to be a part of our collective conscience for some time to come.

Treat Your Beard Well

One of the most important parts of having a beard is caring for it properly. Like your hair, your beard needs to be moisturized. This is vital to keep your beard hair soft and tame. It’s also important for the skin underneath. As a busy professional, you never want your beard to appear flaky or shaggy. You have to keep things under control with an office-appropriate beard that’s shiny and well-groomed. Beard oil helps accomplish all of these goals.

Gentleman's Foundry Beard OilGentleman’s Foundry offers a wide variety of beard oil for men. Sold in a 1-ounce bottle, the beard oil comes in the following 7 scents: The Alchemist (Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil), The Architect (Sandalwood & Vanilla), The Artisan (Bergamot & Cedar Beard Oil), The Composer (Eucalyptus Beard Oil), The Diplomat (Tobacco Beard Oil), The Scoundrel (Fresh Citrus Beard Oil), and The Theorist (Geranium & Cedar Beard Oil).

Whatever scent you decide on, each of the seven options is designed to serve as both a beard moisturizer and conditioner. The beard oil helps you avoid common grooming problems like dandruff, dry beard, flakes, hair loss, irritation, and pesky itching.

Now that you know the beard is here to stay, do the right thing for your face and pick up some beard oil. Your beard will thank you later.