Why Beard Oil Perfects Healthy Skin Care Regimens

No matter what men’s skin care products you use, if you’re sporting a beard, things get get a little complicated. Think of the large portion of your face that the man-mane covers. Given the very nature of facial hair, it would be difficult to rub anti-aging creams and moisturizers into the underlying skin. This is yet another reason beard oil products are so important for men today.

No, seriously, don't. Don't be this guy.
No, seriously, don’t. Don’t be this guy.

Here’s the thing about your beard, it’s half of your face. Unless you plan on shaving alternating sides of your face, you’ll have to find a better way.

The fact is that the solution has always existed; it’s beard oil. We’ve discussed the health benefits of beard oil for men, specifically the importance of moisturizing your facial hair and its underlying skin.

The Difference Between Skin Care and Beard Oil Products

As briefly mentioned, your beard makes getting creams deep into your skin much more difficult. While products like O/Zero Oil-Free Moisturizer keep form and function in mind, with its oil-free hyaluronic acid base to penetrate the skin that also softens hair follicles, that’s not the case for every product. Most products with a cream base were specifically formulated to penetrate the skin, thus it’d basically in your facial hair, clumping.

dreamstime_m_58073806This is where the problem lies. If you’re using anti-aging/ moisturizing/ exfoliating creams, the rather large portion of your face that sits under your beard goes untreated. We’ve discussed the discomforts and hazards of a dry, untreated beard, and there’s a reason beard oil is the preferred hydration-delivery method (even balms tend to have a coconut oil base). Your face is robbed of its natural oils by your beard, so you must replenish them. Thankfully, you get the added benefits.

Beard Oil Products with Anti-Aging Benefits

Now that we’re all very much aware of beard oil’s primary function as a moisturizer for the beard and its underlying skin, but what about the other sought-after functions of skin care products?

As we know, carrier oils are extremely important. We’ve mentioned jojoba beard oils in the past as being rich in vitamin-E, and having several natural anti-aging benefits. It rejuvenates your skin by promoting new cell growth. Your skin rapidly absorbs the oil, promoting skin elasticity. The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil makes strong use of this base.

Jojoba is featured in many of Gentleman’s Foundry’s premium Beard Oils, in fact. The Diplomat Tobacco Beard Oil and The Theorist Geranium & Cedar Beard Oil pair this powerful oil with geranium essential oil. This oil combats wrinkles by tightening the skin, delaying the effects of aging.

The Architect Sandalwood & Vanilla Beard Oil also contains jojoba. This potent mix combines it with the anti-aging powers of neroli & patchouli essential oils. Neroli is beneficial to aging, sagging skin and smoothes out wrinkles. This essential oil contains citral, a natural chemical stimulates the growth of new skin cells. Meanwhile, patchouli essential oil is a natural astringent. It prevents sagging skin and loosening of muscle tissue, which are signs of aging.

dreamstime_m_64691369Beard Oil Products That Clean and Unclog Pores

Exfoliating is an important part of the male skin care process. Sloughing away dead skin and clearing pores of dirt and oil is what allows things moisturizers and anti-wrinkle products to act.

Argan oil is 34.6% linoleic acid. This fast-absorbing, nourishing fatty acid reduces clogged pores. We’ve combined this power of Moroccan oil with the pore-clearing abilities of grape seed and almond oil in our two premium beard oils for sale. The Artisan Bergamot & Cedar Beard Oil and The Composer Eucalyptus Beard Oil.

The Artisan backs up its rich pore-clearing base with juniper and tea tree essential oils. Juniper cleans the skin’s pores by opening its sebum glands and forcing out toxins. Tea tree oil not only cleans pores, but opens them as well, allowing for moisture to penetrate the dermis.

The Composer meets this end by combing its base with lemon and eucalyptus essential oils. Eucalyptus clears the pores of dirt, oil, and harmful fungus. Lemon essential oil, a key ingredient in The Scoundrel Citrus Beard Oil as well, is also a natural astringent.

In a time where more men are asking questions about what their ideal skin care regimen should be,  beard oil exists to treat the skin we no longer see due to facial hair.