Your Style, Your Time: Beard Grooming Tips For Men

So you’ve finally made the leap and started growing your beard. For the first time in your life, your morning routine doesn’t include a razor and shaving cream. Now, you have time for other morning activities like reading the paper, spending a few extra minutes online, or hitting the snooze button once more. When it comes to this aspect of your life, there’s really no issue with figuring out how a beard can positively impact your time. But what about your personal style? How can you ensure that your beard fully represents you?

Believe it or not, your body type, facial features, and overall vibe play a major role in the type of beard that looks good on you. As carefree as your mornings have become, there’s still a few factors that you need to consider to nail this style move.


The Best Beard For Your Face & Body

Javier Bardem Beard Style

For guys that are broad-shouldered with square faces and a darker, mysterious vibe, it’s all about playing up your rugged edge. Try out medium to long stubble a la Javier Bardem. If you have the aforementioned body and face type, but you find yourself battling the elements outdoors quite often, go all out. Opt for a full beard that indicates your sense of adventure.

If you’re a guy with a more agile body type and boyish facial features, keep your beard short and trim. For you, it’s all about maintenance. You want to keep your facial hair as well-kempt as the rest of your aesthetic. Think Justin Timberlake via 2016. If your body is lithe and your features are youthful but your vibe is more creative, use your beard to show off your abstract sense of expression. The Van Dyke is a beard variant that involves a medium-length goatee and an unconnected moustache.

Last but not least, if you have proportionate features but consider your physique average, go for the classic full beard. Wear it at a short to medium length. It’s important that you keep it well-groomed as it shows how debonair you are.


Beard Grooming Is Part of Your Style, Too

Beard Oil: The Cure For Beard DandruffA key part of rocking any of the above beard styles is beard grooming. In order for your beard to look healthy and full, you need to take care of it. Remember that new morning care routine you’ve been so happy to abandon? Well, you’ll need to add a few beard oil products into the mix. But don’t worry. It’s nowhere near as intense as shaving.

Beard oil is the most essential of all beard products. It moisturizes your facial hair as well as the skin underneath. You can hydrate your skin with beard oil. You can also soften and tame your beard hair. Not to mention, you can prevent common beard issues like itchy beard or beard dandruff. And if you’re one of the guys with a fuller, longer beard, beard oil also does double duty as a styling agent.

The Alchemist Tea Tree Peppermint Beard OilGrooming for men can seem like scary new territory if you’re new to growing a beard. However, there are some stellar beard products on the market that are easy to use and have refreshing, masculine scents. For instance, The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil promotes healthy growth while repairing and conditioning your beard hair. It also delivers a cool sensation and smooth scent. The Composer Eucalyptus Beard Oil is ideal for adding healthy shine without weighing down your beard hair. Combined with a cedar base, it offers more of a leafy, zesty scent. Better yet, you only need to massage a dime-sized amount into your beard. Then you’re done.

Regardless of the style of beard that you decide is right for you, beard grooming is one easy but necessary care step that all guys need.

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