Shave Soap Is Better Than Shaving Cream

Why Shave Soap Is Better Than Shaving Creams or Gels

When you first learned how to shave, odds are you lathered up with shaving cream. With a can of Barbasol in one hand and your Gillette razor in the other, you felt like you had all the tools you needed for the perfect shave. However, after you finished gliding that razor across your cheeks, you noticed the onset of some uncomfortable problems. Rashes, redness, irritation, bumps. Some guys are just prone to these issues no matter what they do but that’s not most of us. The source of your problems was probably your trusted shaving cream. None of the widespread shaving tips mention anything about mens shave soap. But a shave soap could be the difference between a refreshing shave and a nightmare of painful aftereffects.

Mens Shave Soap Is Gentler

The act of shaving itself is a form of exfoliation. Every time you slice through those coarse hairs, you’re taking off dead skin cells with them. It’s important for your shaving products to help aid your skin’s recovery. Our Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Shave Soap is made from a host of natural ingredients including coconut, olive, sunflower and jojoba oils. This soap is gentle on your skin, moisturizing it and filling it with Vitamin E. It’s the perfect layer of protection to ensure your shave doesn’t leave your face vulnerable to skin issues.

Shave Soap Smells Better

Sure, shaving cream is sometimes scented with masculine notes like sandalwood. But most are not. They often have a distinct smell—this mixture of chemicals and stale air. Mens shave soap is formulated from several elements that pack in a fantastic, rich scent. For example, tea tree & peppermint shave soap offers a minty, stimulating fragrance and cooling sensation that’s naturally refreshing without any artificial additives.
mens shave soap and aftershave grooming kit

The Superior Lather

Among novices, there’s a perception that shaving cream gives you a better lather. Coming out of an aerosol can, the cream seems to be naturally predisposed to a rich, full lather that makes it easier to perfect your angle and the number of passes needed for a clean shave. However, contrary to popular belief, shave soap actually lathers more effectively. It coats your face more evenly and works well for more traditional products like a straight razor. Think of shaving cream as the modern shortcut and shave soap as the more masculine and traditional alternative.

More Moisture

The standard shaving cream uses ingredients like water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance and triethanolamine. It sort of sounds like a science experiment. You probably wouldn’t dare mix these chemicals in a lab on your own. So why would you put them on your face? It’s these chemicals that suck the moisture out of your skin, leaving you susceptible to all kinds of nasty issues. Mens shave soap does just the opposite. The natural ingredients used help lock in the moisture before you shave. So, once you’re done shaving or shaping up, your skin is still hydrated. If you’re especially prone to dry skin, this is the option you need.

You Already Know How to Use It

Shaving cream comes with its own set of instructions and movements for best effects. With shave soap, you’re already familiar with how to lather up. It’s highly doubtful you were using a loofa and body wash as a young kid. We all start out using bar soap and the lathering rules don’t change for shave soap. Why learn a new skill set when you can use what you know to your advantage?

Shave soap is one of the gentlest and safest shaving products on the market. You need to treat your face kindly when you shave. Are you willing to risk your skin’s health by sticking to what you’ve always done? Or are you ready to upgrade and keep your skin in tip top shape?

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